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Welcome to the Williams Baptist University Digital Special Collections.

We have just completed digitizing the journals from the Lawrence County Historical Society from 1978 to 2016.

We are in the process of moving the following previously digitized collections to this platform: (1) Williams Baptist University Institutional Digital Collection: included are various items published by SBC/WBC, such as bulletins, newsletters and materials pertaining to the history of the college, (2) H. E. Williams Political Campaign Collection: included are materials in regard to Dr. H. E. Williams' bid for governor, (3) Yearbook Collection, (4) 2014 WBC Arkansas Veterans Oral History Project: history student-directed interviews.

Recently Added Items


2016 No. 4

1) American Dream Home
2) Talley Homes
3) Hand-Made Mattresses


2016 No. 3

1) Slave dug well
2) Old slave quarry
3) The smeltering rock


2016 No. 2

1) Tribute To A Lady Of The Ozark
2) Lawrence County's Foremost Woman
3) Proprietress of the Rhea Hotel


2016 No. 1

1) Dr. James Edwin Dunn


2015 No. 4

1) Life and Biography of J. W. Martin
2) Photo gallery
3) Newspaper Article


2015 No. 3

1) Old Newspapers Tells of River Town

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